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Unexpected Kindness

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What a blessing it is for people to express their kindness! People randomly provide food, clothing, a mowed lawn, or a paid coffee for the next person in line. Unexpected gifts of kindness.

Several days are recognized to specifically encourage kindness. World Kindness Day is November 13. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on various days throughout the world. And there are many other days associated with volunteer and community service opportunities (Source: Wikipedia). Many global organizations offer activities for employees or members to participate in projects around their communities.

What are examples of kindness you have witnessed?

We connect to people when we express kindness. People going through tough times feel treasured by someone’s thoughtfulness. People who have been hardened due to loss or adversities can be softened. The key is you and me. Maybe you were the person who chose to bless others–we are so thankful.

We have multiple occasions every day to show kindness. What can you do today?

Our Connections Challenge: Take a moment to express appreciation or thanks to someone. Smile. Open the door for someone who needs an extra hand. Surprise someone with a coffee or their favorite treat—or both! Take someone who needs encouragement to lunch and just listen to them. Write a personal card just to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Your kindness means a lot to someone who may need it.

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