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Beauty in the Waiting

Patience … This is a word we all dislike at times. Patience … We want everything when we want it, and we don’t want to wait! Patience … It is too hard to have patience. Patience … Is waiting really worth it?

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Before a beautiful butterfly exits a cocoon, it takes various forms. I once heard of an experiment in which someone cut open a cocoon before a butterfly emerged in its final form. As a result, the butterfly was not strong enough to fly and died. Why? The time in the cocoon develops the butterfly, and the exertion of squeezing out of the cocoon allows the butterfly to come forth with strength and fly. In the end, beauty comes from the waiting—patience.

On personal note, I know someone who was not able to speak above a whisper for months. Finally, after more than seven months, she received a surgery where she can now talk fully. As you can imagine, much patience was developed and exercised. Her response? She has been and continues to be a true testimony of grace and blessing. Blessings received and blessings continue to her personally, her family, and everyone she meets. In the end, beauty comes from the waiting—patience.

There are many examples, I am certain, of times in which you or a loved one have experienced an uncomfortable season exercising patience. Yet, we reflect and see that beauty comes or has come from those seasons. A marriage, a birth, a job, or a new home. The relief from financial pressures, improved health, or a restored relationship.

Today, you may be going through a very difficult season. May I encourage you? Stay strong. Stay the course. The key is our response—our action—while we wait.

Our Connections Challenge: It’s examination time. How do I act in the midst of difficult challenges? Do I lose it, or do I take a step, and think before I act? Depending on my response, am I influencing others positively? Do they see one who rests even when it is difficult? What example am I to others?

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