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The Oval Office

white house
Photo by Aaron Kittredge on Pexels.com

Thank you for joining this miniseries focusing on the components of the workplace. We have toured the exterior, the lobby and reception area, and the offices. This week, we examine our chief office, which we respectfully refer to as our Oval Office. (And, no, this will not be a blog on politics.) We view the Oval Office of our workplace, the place where decisions are made that affect the entire organization. And we discover how each of us responds to the actions and influences of our Oval Office.

In many organizations, this office consists of the major leaders. If we serve a large organization, there may be separate chief officers for the various areas of the organization. Depending on size, some organizations may have officers that oversee more than one specialization. The primary chief officer could be designated as chief executive officer or president, depending on how the organization is structured.

Whatever title your entity uses, the chief officers make the decisions for the organization. Their considerations and decisions affect clients and employees. The discussions focus on governance, people, and the future of the business. The mission and values are developed and emphasized throughout the entity.

Whatever industry we serve, whether a business or religious institution, we may have a good idea of the responsibilities of our fearless leaders. However, whatever the number of people they oversee, they cannot please everyone. There will be instances in which you may not be satisfied.

As one can imagine, the pressures and demands of these offices are enormous. As I consider chief officers I have had the privilege of serving, they were also parents, spouses, and servant leaders with hearts to build a successful business, help others excel, and meet the needs of others. They met the challenges of balancing personal and family life with career.

So, how does this affect me and how does this connect to excellence? Each of us has a major part in the development and success of the organization we serve. We represent the organization through our actions, attitudes, and words. Do you know the mission and values of your organization? How can you exemplify the components and connect them to excellence in your role?

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Meditate on your company’s mission and values. Identify ways you can incorporate them in your specific role. Also, pray for your leaders. Whatever your faith or theirs, I am certain they will value and welcome the prayers. Just a simple thank you is more encouragement than you may ever realize.

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