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Faith Connection: Advocate

Welcome back to Faith Connections Friday!  Thank you for joining me for our series on the attributes of God and how His characteristics apply to our lives.

For several years, I had the privilege of serving in a non-profit organization advocating for patients with chronic illnesses.  It was a blessed opportunity because I was able to witness people and their families changed by the help we provided.

One of the characteristics of God is that He is our Advocate.  Because of Christ, we no longer have to go through a mediator to pray.  We can now go directly to God personally. Romans 8:27 (AMP) says that “the Spirit Himself [knows our need and at the right time] intercedes on our behalf with sighs and groanings too deep for words.”  This means that the Holy Spirit prays for us when we do not know what to say.  Have you been in a situation in which your heart was so burdened, you did not know what to say?  We are comforted to know that when we are so deeply troubled or just do not know what to say, He prays for us.  He is praying on our behalf.  That is a great encouragement to me, especially when I am speechless and cannot find the words.

Our Advocate is Christ.  He is praying for me, and He is praying for you.  We can also be an advocate for others.  There are countless organizations that allow volunteers to prepare goods for the homeless and the needy.  Advocacy organizations and shelters are abundant in which we can serve and help others meet their needs.  Another reward to being an advocate is praying for others, which is intercession.  One of the most amazing pieces of intercessory prayer is that it allows us to the opportunity to be a part of someone’s life.  It provides us the opportunity to give our time and express our heart’s desire for another person.  We exercise a form of generosity by giving a part of ourselves to another.

The amazing part about intercession is that you will be blessed by it.  What is truly extraordinary is that if you know the person and see the prayer answered, it is an incredibly major lift.  Simply because you took the time and prayed for that person.  You had a part and invested yourself in that person and their situation.

Our Faith challenge for the week:  Pray for someone at random.  As you drive to work, and you see someone behind you that appears tired or frustrated, pray for their day. Bless them with an incredible day.  You may not know them, but you will feel so incredibly rich; it will truly make your morning.  Pray for your family member or a friend going through a tough time.  Challenge yourself to practice these prayers each day this week—and watch what happens.  Sometimes answers to prayer will be immediate, sometimes they take longer.  But they do come.  If you do not know what to say, pray what you would want someone to pray for you.  Remember, the Lord is praying on your behalf.  He is fully aware of their situation and knows exactly what the person needs. You will be blessed because you took the time to be an advocate and pray.

Be blessed, my friend.

Father, thank You for this beautiful person who is praying for others this week.  May You grant them the opportunity to see Your answer.  And may they be amazed as they see that they had a part.  In Your name I pray, Amen.

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